Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ear Mites & Home Made Remedy

What are Ear Mites?

Ear mites are tiny little creatures rather like spiders. They have eight legs and live on or just under the surface of the skin. The two species of mites that cause ear infections are Otodectes and Notoedres.

Otodectes infect dogs, cats, foxes and ferrets. Notoedres infect cats—usually the body and sometimes the ear. A common mite that causes skin infection and may involve areas of the head around the ears is demodex.

While demodex causes skin infections around the ear, it does not cause infections in the ear canal.
Ear mites are one of the most common causes of ear infections in pets.

Symptoms of Pets with Ear Mites:
• Head shaking
• Scratches on the ear & head
• Odor
• Intense itching (pruritus)
• Dark ear discharge

How did my Pet get Ear Mites?

Ear mites readily transmit from host to host by physical contact. Ear mites came from some other animal with which your pet has been socializing. Because mites are easily transmissible by physical contact, treatment for mites often must include all household pets.

Home Made Remedy

Oil helps sooth sore ears, and also can float debris out. Oil also can suffocate the mites. Holistic vets say it doesn’t really matter what kind of oil you use, although some recommend almond or olive oil. Avoid tea tree oil, though, because it can be toxic for young puppies.

For the best benefit, crush a couple garlic cloves in the oil and let it marinate overnight. Garlic naturally kills bacteria that might develop secondary to the mite infection.

Remember to remove the garlic before using the oil to treat your puppy’s ears though. You’ll need to treat the ears with the oil/garlic solution daily for at least a month.

Treating ear mites brings your pet immense relief from the irritation of having an 8-legged mite crawling and reproducing in their ears.

Not only can your pet hear the mite and feel it moving, but your pet is also in pain because mites cause itching, inflammation, and secondary bacterial infection.


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